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If you are a university professor, an experienced author of research papers, a postdoctoral assistant or a student working in any area of science, you are welcome to use book editing services from editorswanted.com. You can Learn more on how to provide great blue-pencil and copyreading services concerning your collegiate or innovative paper.

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The most widespread reasons for rejecting the manuscript is the presence of formatting, grammar and language mistakes in the text. However, this problem can be easily solved if you use book editing services from a reliable partner. Before any of your original books can be accepted for publication, a proof-reader will provide a great example of cooperation and make your problematic issue go away. You should keep in mind how to include the link or a file containing the instructions of the publisher or the author in order for your original copy to meet all possible stipulations. Moreover, you can add any critical comments from a proofreader.

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A lot of our clients aren’t native Englishmen, but they are in a need to publish an academic paper or a scientific research work in the English language. Most of them are senior academics and have a scientific degree. The assistance to these customers can be demonstrated by proper, precise and sophisticated communication while writing a piece of scientific work.

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What are the leading peculiarities of proofreading a further publication of your research work?

  • Presence of clear-cut and coherent arguments
  • Readability of the text within various details and a persuasive body of the original hard copy
  • Accuracy of quotes and additional sources
  • Rational formatting and informative language usage
  • Separation and smooth transition between the parts of your book
  • Correct language
  • Careful proofreading for details and editing the whole manuscript
  • Proper structure and referencing


The process of publication of any research work can take much time and efforts, so there are some steps that every author should necessarily take into consideration. Editing services from editorswanted.com will help you achieve you aim of successful publication.